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Dao Hai Phong
Dao Hai Phong creates magnificent landscapes from his home country. Born in Hanoi in 1965, he graduated from Hanoi College of Fine Arts. He draws his inspiration from the lush villages and teaming streets of Vietnam, executing them in bright blues, yellows, greens or reds.

These strong colour schemes indelibly yet mysteriously draws the viewers attention to the key elements and the simplicity of his paintings.

Phong has participated in various art shows in Hanoi, Britain, Hong Kong, Laos, USA, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland. He is a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

He has held exhibitions in various places around the world. "Hanoi memories" (with Le Thiet Cuong), Hanoi, Vietnam; "The Art of Viet Nam", Roy Miles Gallery, London; "After Dark - Landscape of Light", Hoa Sen gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; "Three contemporary Vietnamese painter", LFK gallery, - Hong Kong; "Independent in Hanoi", Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam.

"Past and Present", Nam Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; "A glimpse of Hanoi", Duc Minh Gallery, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam; "View of contemporary art" - Vientiane - Lao; "A view from others", Dong Son Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; "A Winding River - Stages Of Vietnamese Contemporary Art", Meridian, International Center, Washington DC, - USA; Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition, Hanoi, Vietnam; "Pure and Piercing Color", Rich and Famous Gallery, Rapperswil, Switzerland; "Twilight Moment", Solo Exhibition at Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong and Singapore; "Peaceful Season" Solo Exhibition at Apricot Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; Solo Exhibition at Kim 3 Gallery, New York, USA followed by another at Kee Club, Hong Kong - "Phong & Binh" combined exhibition at in Hong Kong.

Quiet Night Size 50x60 cm

Phong 1

Hanoi Red Season

Phong 3

Phong 4

Phong 5
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