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Le Thanh Son
Le Thanh Sonís paintings exude vibrancy that belies the circumstances in which he grew up. He was born in Hanoi in 1962 and graduated from the Hanoi College of Drama and Cinematography. He fills his canvases with lucid, bright colours in an impressionistic style and an intimate atmosphere that can be found in villages around Hanoi.

He was greatly influenced by Bui Xuan Phai, Vietnam's best-known painter. Thanh Son draws from his cinematic background to paint realistic scenes of Hanoi, imbued with a sense of lighting unsurpassed by any other painter in Vietnam at the moment. His canvases are alive and merry, signifying celebration of life.

Le Thanh Son was awarded the first prize at the exhibition of young painters, National Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi in 1990. He held his first solo exhibition at the Canadian Embassy followed by exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vinh Loi, HCM City, Vietnam; "Nature's True Son I - Season Of Le Thanh Son", Galerie La Vong, Hong Kong; "The World of Le Thanh Son", Apricot Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; "Nature's True Son II - Season Of Le Thanh Son", La Vong Gallery, Hong Kong; "The Quality Of Nature Power" Latin American Art Museum, Miami, Florida, USA.

He participated in various group exhibitions at Open House, Singapore; Cork Street, London; "The Art From Vietnam", Gallery Simyo, Seoul; Vinh Loi Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; "The Images From Vietnam", Atrium Gallery, Sofitel Hotel, Melbourne, Australia; "Euro'Art - Barcelona 2000", Barcelona, Spain; "Separate Paths", Dragon Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam; "Where The River Meet", Vietnam Cultural Festival.

Hanoi Summer, 1.1x1.3

Spring, 82x90 cm (Sold)

Red Season, 82x90 cm

Pink Season, 1.1x1.3m

Boating, 82x90cm (Sold)

Red Summer, 82x90cm
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