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Nguyen Thanh Binh
Space is an integral part of Nguyen Thanh Binhs compositions. Perhaps it is the influence of ancient Chinese paintings and old Japanese woodcarvings that he so adores. This alumnus of the Hanoi College of Fine Arts and Gia Dinh National College of Fine Arts is well known for his poignant works depicting women and girls in white Ao Dai dresses.

He has been inspired by Japanese Haiku poems where a few lines carry a lot of meaning. A Haiku is a very small poem containing only three lines, but its meaning is enormous. Paintings can also convey immense significance with few colours and details, says the artist.

He is an artist of the moment, of the soul who does not follow any trend. I am just searching for beauty as I see it, a beauty for everyone. His paintings are poetic, with a touch of romance perhaps, yet boldly executed with minimal strokes. His use of space has a meaning all by itself, which is why it is always an essential part of his work . Equally brimming with significance is his liberal use of white, brown, beige, and grey tones.

Thanh Binh has taken his paintings around the world France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, USA, Australia and Thailand.

Nguyen Thanh Binh has held solo exhibitions at the Gallery La Vong, Hong Kong; Vinh Loi Gallery - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam; Gallery La Vong, Hong Kong; The Beauty Of The South", Red River Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam and Gallery La Vong, Hong Kong.

School girls

Young girls

By the pond

Binh 2

Binh 3

Binh 4 (Sold)
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